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  • Aquaculture & Mariculture

    Aquaculture & Mariculture - As the world is waking up to the need to move away from practices of over fishing, to sustainable farming practices of Aquaculture.

    Australia is positioned to play a major role in the food bowl of Asia.

    Australia is one of the cleanest and best regulated countries on the planet that can use the science and technology of Aquaculture to provide protein to the places that consume it most.

    HACH through its close association with this sector of the market and opportunities in Asia is well versed at helping businesses achieve their growth objectives with the necessary funding to increase capacity and drive profits through strategic alliances into the Asian markets.

    Here at HACH we have a strong desire to work with world class teams to provide the much need growth capital or opportunities for divestment.

  • Agriculture, Food & Beverage

    Agriculture, Food & Beverage - Changing demographics associated with rapid urbanisation is challenging food security, as increased demand for protein challenges traditional value chains.

    This evolving of consumer behaviour in emerging economies, accompanied by wide-spread and increasing resource limitations, is creating an increased demand for operational efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

    At HACH we are excited by the growing opportunities in Agriculture, Food and Beverage.

    We recognise that Australia is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this burgeoning demand, in utilising what are some of the best farmers and smartest AG tech minds on the planet.

    This means we see incredible opportunities to work with some great companies looking to grow their businesses, or those happy to divest on strong terms as the market consolidates.

  • Information Technology

    It is in this evolving technological and media landscape, that we see software, hardware, internet, digital media, and information services businesses thriving. Whether your involved in application software, infrastructure software, cyber security, semiconductors, or internet/media companies, we welcome working with you.

    We look for companies that are taking the issues associated with fundamental technology trends seriously, whilst displaying unique insights into evolving customer and channel dynamics, as well as those championing emerging business models.

    From early to late stage VC, SME Growth Capital, or Divestment to Private Equity, we would love to talk to you.

  • Energy & Cleantech

    Energy & Cleantech - This is a passion of ours at HACH, and since inception we have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the leaders in the clean energy space.

    Australia suffers from some of the highest energy prices on the planet while having huge resources in the Clean-tech space – we have vast amounts of land with more sun and wind than almost anywhere else on the globe, yet we are barely tapping into it.

    At HACH we are dedicated to helping companies realise their potential in this space. We know what it takes to overcome the hurdles in the way of bringing new projects to fruition and we have the vast array of contacts necessary to help you achieve this, with not only funds but strong strategic alliances

  • Finance & Fintech

    Financial technology companies are using technology to make financial services more efficient, bringing about change, not only in the way people purchase and invest, but challenging the very definition of money itself.

    With smarter, faster machines, AI and Blockchain we are seeing a plethora of new market platforms including Robo Advisors and investment management systems, crypto payment systems, alternative banking, peer-to-peer based lending, e-KYC, insurance, equity crowdfunding; IoT. wearables, distributed/consensus ledger platforms, cyber security and data sharing frameworks.

    It is against this background of transformational change that we at HACH feel confident to say that Australia continues to produce some of the greatest minds, capable of bringing global innovation to this space. We are already seeing Australian companies rising to the challenge, with the capacity to become world leaders.

    HACH has decades of history involved in financial services, we understand the challenges and the opportunities, and welcome working with pioneers in this space.

  • Media & Communications

    Today, the media industry has been redefined by relatively new companies dominating quickly and forcing companies with hundreds of years of heritage to adapt or perish.

    Media and communications is not only about words but is an area of science and technology that is constantly evolving.

    We believe that Australian companies have the ability to globalise their platforms and grow their business by various means including mergers and acquisition.

    In this arena of rapid advancement having the resources to expand faster than ever before can make the difference between a billion dollar business and an “also ran”.

    At HACH, a co-founder has over 30 years experience in media from publishing to customised media through to Chairing one of the country’s fastest growing digital agencies. We'd welcome the opportunity to bring this experience to bear to help you grow.

  • Education

    The Australian online education industry has expanded rapidly in the past five years to more than 1,000 online education providers, as Australian Edtech solutions serve to support and improve the expanding provision of online learning.

    Technological developments and increasing positive public perception of online courses have been vital to this growth.

    Education institutions have successfully harnessed the greater reliability of internet connections and mobile technology to meet the demands of the trend towards re-skilling and lifelong learning. Now more than ever Edtech is able to deliver to more students, with flexible methods of study and online education

    The Australian Edtech industry overall is generating approximately $A3.3bn per annum in revenue.

    With over 20 of the 1,000 Australian companies in Edtech being significant global players, at HACH we recognise that Australia will continue to play a major role in the future on online education and accordingly we are excited to work with great companies in this space.

  • Healthcare

    'The Australian health system is world-class in both its effectiveness and efficiency: Australia consistently ranks in the best performing group of countries for healthy life expectancy and health expenditure per person.' (World Health Organisation 2003).

    However it has long been apparent that Australian healthcare needs to change going forward if it is to manage multiple challenges, not the least of which is a sharp rise in the demand for care of chronic illnesses, driven primarily by an ageing population and lifestyle factors.

    Thankfully we are now witnessing real movement towards a connected health system that is better integrated and fit for the future needs of Australian healthcare. The changes are bringing about a new age of healthcare, characterised by the need for more integrated services, rising influence of digital technology and greater consumer empowerment. This is presenting new opportunities for health entrepreneurs and innovators, with the private sector able to innovate with both new models of care and technology, enabling a shift in health care delivery.

    Whether you're looking to grow your business organically, through consolidation or interested in an exit we'd love to talk to you.

  • Retail/Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    Over the coming decade, upheavals in global consumer and supply markets are likely to produce as many losers as winners among Retail/FMCG companies. Asia will almost certainly overtake the West as the main consumer market, and it will demand new levels of value and innovation from Retail/FMCG players. Rising Internet penetration could upend traditional sales models.

    For retailers and manufacturers, understanding consumers, including where they shop and why, is vital part in understanding which categories to focus assortment on and how to resonate online with consumers, regardless of which age group they represent. Understanding the impact of this omni-channel performance and shoppers is critical for future success

    To become a leading Retail/FMCG player, or indeed even to survive you therefore have to be nimble, to not only follow economic and demographic trends: but actively anticipated them.

    This means developing strategies and making investment choices that will achieve medium to long term results.

    At HACH we are interested in talking to companies interested in raising capital to fund these strategies, or looking for a strong exit as the market consolidates.

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